My Story

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Why Ladyface? My studio is in the Conejo Valley, in the shadow of beautiful Ladyface Mountain.

What makes me unique as a photographer is that I started as a photographic makeup artist. I not only take the photos, I start by doing makeup and hair for each subject to assure them that they will look their best. I was fortunate enough to work with many celebrities and world-class photographers. Working on location with them helped me develop my eye for composition. I think of it more as making a photo, as opposed to taking a photo.

The photo session becomes a team effort that is fun and relaxing. Using the screen on the camera we can have a visual conversation to tweak the look and expression. Children especially like to see instantly how they look and adults find it reassuring as well. I have found I end up with the best results when the talent understands that they "give to the camera".... that's the secret to a great image.

As a wife and mother I understand the beauty and importance of creating photographic memories that individuals and families can enjoy. I am so grateful for the privilege of making images that are used in homes, on websites and in portfolios.

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